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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 18, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> shepard: tonight, the new estimate on lives lost in the earthquake. and our jonathan hunt with the orphans, as future adoptive parents try to get them to safety. i'm shepard smith shepar tonig. the daunting task amid the horror in haiti. >> more food is arriving. more water. evemore troops. but it is not enough. >> the people are starving. please help us. >> tonight, desperate times on the ground in haiti and some familiar faces arrive to help. plus, children at risk.
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>> there are 26 babies here. right now it is an open question. >> shepard: jonathan hunt returns to a haitian orphanage and for an american couple wait to adopt two of these children, images they have waited too long to see. >> it is very emotional. >> shepard: , tonighttonight, g love across thousands of miles. even as workers move and bury the bodies by the thousands and victims wait for aid to come, one u.n. spokes woman says hope continues in haiti. still people alive still trapped. >> inside collapsed buildings. people somehow holding on, refusing to give up even after six days caught notable are of their communities. the top american commander in haiti says it as reasonable assumption that 200,000 people died in the earthquake. he also reports people have now buried at least 70,000 victims. but tonight for those who survived, more help is on the way. troops and volunteers from all over the world are descending
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upon haiti to offer more assistance. the american military is at the forefront of the relief efforts and u.s. forces report they are trying to distribute aid in a wider area. they used air drops to get food in the locations away from the bottle neck that is the country's main airport. by the end of this day there should be 11,000 troops in the area providing assistance and security. we are still seeing looting in port-au-prince. just this morning, hundreds of haitians scoured the rubble of destroyed businesses. they climbed over wreckage in search of food and water and supplies until police arrived to chase them away. we received video that shows some fighting in the streets. but the tomorrow american commander says the violence seems to be less than the city had before the quake. also, worry some signs that frustration is growing. here united nations troops formed a barricade against
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crowds gathered at a food distribution point. there was some pushing and yelling as you can see but cooler head dos prevail and prevented the conflict from getting worse. former president bill clinton among those to help calm the chaos today. he arrived in haiti with his daughter chelsea. the former president is not only a u.n. special envoy to haiti but also joined with his successor, former president george w. bush in raising money for quake survivors. we are told the men have brought in more than $8 million thus far. still you can't put a price on all of haiti's ills. there are some things that no amount of money can ever repair. some images that the money will never erase. we have team fox coverage starting with steve harrigan live tonight in port-au-prince. steve? >> shepherd, it might be one of the worst jobs in the world, pulling bodies from the rubble in port-au-prince for $1.50 a day. we followed the bodies on their last ride 15 miles out-of-town
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to a mass grave. the ground is slick here with body fluids and ex-yesments. bodies stacked up and bloated after four or five days. some in a state of undress, thrown to the corner. the bodies are scraped up at the morgue and taken by truck for a 15-mile ride. and here comes another truck behind that one. one after the other. this is a conveyor belt of death. another mass grass i grave is o be covered up here. the bulldozer pushes a mix of dirt and garbage on top of the corpses. there is no distinction now, when the human remains and the garbage. it is all lumped together and covered up. that is what this field is now. there is a hole there 30 feet deep. a hole there. a hole there. a hole there. as far as i can see here. holes for fresh bodies, and
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covering over where bodies ones were. you know, shepard at different parts in the city the smell becomes more intense depending on how many bodies are in the area but around that mass gravesight there is something in the air that sticks to you and your clothes and your shoes and it is hard to get off. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan reporting from port-au-prince tonight. some 40,000 americans thought to be in haiti at the time of the disaster. crowds have lined up at the united states embassy in an effort to get out and they are not the only ones. >> if you are haitian mother with a valid visa, raise your hands, please. >> shepard: many showing identification papers and telling stories of the horrors they witnessed over the past week. as you might imagine, travel is still restricted about the bulk of airport activity reserved
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for delivery of aid supplies. we have been reporting on the united states military response to the crisis in haiti. you heard about the troops expected to be in or near the area by the end of today. tonight we are getting more concrete numbers about the effort. according to the white house. the united states has 33 helicopters flying in haiti with 15 more on the way. the navy and coast guard have five ships in the region thus far and crews have delivered nearly 90,000-pounds of cargo include gd food, water and medicine. all good news but it will not go very far with millions of people trying to stay alive. so the pentagon says it is trying to ramp up its work. military commanders held a teleconference within the last couple of hours. catherine herridge was on the call and is live at the pentagon tonight. does the military report it is making any progress in distributing the aid more widely in affected areas? >> pentagon officials do believe that they are making progress. the way it was explained to us today is that they see the airport as the central hub or the central cog in the machine for distribution and earlier
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today they had identified nine landing zones accessible by helicopter and were trying to identify more. the problem with helicopter is that they don't have a heavy pay load and can only carry 600 meals at time. they were able to drop 14,000 meals and 15,000-liters of water and here at the pentagon they do tonight see that as real progress. >> shepard: they told us of 8,000 troops on the ground or in ships around t. break down the latest numbers. >> the latest numbers is 7,000 at sea and 4,000 on the ground on the island. of the 4,000, 2200 are marines. they will keep their food print or base at sea and travel back and forth from sea to the island to do their work. the reason they're not basing the marines on the island we are told her at the pentagon is that they don't want to put more stress on the infrastructure on the island because once the marines are there permanently they need
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food and fuel and water and other supplies. they want to make that the priority for the people on the island, not for the military. >> shepard: what is the pentagon reporting what the security situation? haiti? >> we had a conference call late today and the top intelligence officer on the ground says he thinks the situation in haiti in terms of security is fairly stable. he said in part another reason why i use the word stable is we have nothing that suggests widespread disorder and no sense of widespread panic. we are told on the conference call they are seeing isolated incidents of rioting and looting but officials said to us that is really to be expected under the circumstances, shep. >> shepard: catherine, thank you. among those so desperately in need of help tonight are the many orphans who live in haiti. there were tens of thousands of orphans before the earthquake and the disaster has left countless more children with no mom and father. it also slowed down the process for american families flashing
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to adopt haitian children now. >> they will have a lot of fun and be running around like crazy and playing with star wars around legos and dolls and barbies and et cetera, et cetera. >> there is a whole community waiting to receive them here. >> shepard: and they are precious duo. their story will be our top story at the bottom of the hour. well, first, we are hours away from a special election in the state of massachusetts. to replace the late -- well, to fill the seat sa vacated on the death of senator ted kennedy. there is a still a lot more than just one seat on the line here. >> this is in effect a referendum on the national healthcare bill. >> and if the republican wins, that bill could be in big trouble. so president obama is trying to help the democrats and protect his agenda.
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>> right now, in the final days. >> i will be your senator and i will be on your side. >> and this thing is coming right down to the wire. >> i'm not going to -- i'm up in some polls and down in some polls. we'll see what happens tomorrow night. >> shepard: what to expect as folks get set to vote and what the outcome could really mean, coming up.
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>> shepard: fox news is america's news headquarters. and republicans may well be on the verge of a ones unthinkable victory in massachusetts. taking back the seat that ted kennedy held for almost half a century. and that could cause new trouble for president obama's healthcare overhaul, among many other things injuries the kennedy family endorses, of course, the democrat. the attorney general martha coakley. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans three to one but republican scott brown has made a big comeback in the pollsion even as democratsed a
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might coakley has run a very poor campaign. look that the. back in november, coakley was up by almost 30 points. now, too close to call my most estimates. president obama campaigned with coakley yesterday and today she is using the video at a new ad. here, look. >> the attorney general, she took on wall street and recovered millions for massachusetts taxpayers. she went after big insurance companies and took on predatory lenders. that is what martha coakley is about. every vote matters we need you on tuesday. >> shepard: we need you on tuesday and democrats need coakley's vote in the senate to hang on to the 60 see the super majority. carl cameron is live in massachusetts in a town south of boston. karl, does brown have the home momentum here? it appears he does? >> even democrats acknowledge that. the crowds are bigger and intensity seems higher and the level of interest that republican scott brown has attractetracted is far superioo
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that which martha coakley has had. even democrats complaind that once she received the nomination she didn't campaign aggressively. even democratic members of congress said she allowed this to become a personality congress and ultimately lost. even with an advantage in the polls going into the last few hours you got to wonder but there is a room full of republicans who are ultimately convinced that scott brown is going to win tomorrow night and looks like he has a lot of momentum the night before. >> shepard: brown is campaigning with the legendary curt schilling of bloody sock fame. coakley is campaigning with president obama. what is the sense of what is going to help the candidate more? >> the president only a week ago said he had no plans to come up and campaign for coakley and ultimately sort of her dire straits caused him to come up and offer help. even as he was here white house
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was saying that they thought coakley was likely to lose and she got into this spat for dissing red sox pitcher curt schilling. that is the kind of thing that cuts against her. i asked her about that and listen to her response. >> president obama was her just yesterday and white house signaled some pessimism about your efforts to win. curt schilling said you are out of touch. what do you say about this on the eve of the election? >> i'm not concerned about what curt schilling says? >> what about the white house? >> the white house is supporting us. the president has come here because he knows i'm going win tomorrow and he is trying to get that message out. >> and yet it was their concern that coakley is going to lose tomorrow that brought the president here because the white house and democrat believe she needs all the help she can get. >> a state where healthcare is already paid for and i'm told if you talk to people from across massachusetts, they say we don't want to pay for everybody's healthcare. it is not that they're against it, they already have it and if
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brown wins and the democrats lose that 60th vote what happens to national healthcare? >> they lost their 60 vote majority with brown wins and that means he would come to washington and promised to vote against the healthcare reform bills as they are currently constructed by congress. democrats don't have a lot of options. if he wins, they would need to pass this before he office.tionhe takes one scenario is the already passed senate bill but that would require house democrats to accept the senate bill as is and a vast number of them have said that they won't. there is a real hurry-up offense situation for democrats if they hope to pass healthcare reform and historically it is important to remember, shep, 47 years ago when ted kennedy took this seat he was put into office the next day. democrats in massachusetts say there may be delays. republicans say that isn't the precedent set by the last occupant of the seat and they hope that scott brown is the next one. shep? >> shepard: i bet it doesn't
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happen in a day, carl. good to see you. thank you very much. not a chance. the president had and has big plans for healthcare reform, the economy, the environment and so much more. now, it has been almost a year since the president took office. tonight a look at how those plans are turning out, at least in the short-term. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: taliban mill at the present times hav -- militantse launched a rare attack in the heart of afghan's capital city. they set off a series of explosions, one of which was caught on camera by an iranian television crew. the explosions all followed by heavy machine gun fire, triggering gun battles that lasted for hours. this happened in the very
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center of kabul, very near the presidential palace and the ministry of justice building. the militants also targeted a couple of shopping malls and movie theaters. the afghan government now reports the attacks killed at least six people and left 70 injured. conor powell works the afghan capital for us and is live in kabul. conor, describe that scene there today. >> shepard, this is a significant attack for a lot of reasons but particularly because of what it represents. showing just how fragile and weak the afghan government is. this attack was only pulled off by a dozen or so taliban fighters yet they were able to keep several hundred if not several thousand afghan police and army and military personnel busy for most of the day. they struck at multiple targets as you said, the ministry of justice, the ministry of finance, a shopping mall, a movie theater. and they staggered the attacks throughout the entire morning. it was a good two hours after
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the time when president karzai said the situation was under control before the situation was in fact under control. this was part of a strategy being implemented by the taliban where they are trying to strike right at the heart of government institutions while the international community is busy trying to portray the afghan government as strong, as being built up, the taliban are trying to prove that this is a government that is feeble and weak and can't protect itself let alone the afghan people and run the afghan state, shepard. >> shepard: conor powell live tonight in the afghan capital. an update on the heart breaking story that unfolded live on studio b. haitian families now kept apart by an ocean of red tape. today, one couple finally good to see their kids live on tv. from the emotional moment to where things stand now and i'm just getting an urgent bill
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>> shepard: candidate obama ran on o platform of hope, among other things and took office with loft youngsters goals. he do -- with lofty goals.
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now, almost one year after his historic inauguration, president obama is facing increasing resistance. the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll shows 50% of voters approve of the job the president is doing, 42% say they disapprove. and look at the comparisons. a year ago, 65% approved of his performance and 16% disapproved. our chief white house correspondent major garrett has a look at what the president has accomplished here and home and what is left to be done. >> what is required of us now is a new era of responsibility. >> nearry one year later, president obama takes ownership of his policies but still points the finger of responsibility for many of them at president bush. >> when this congress convened a year ago, after eight years of failed policies, and decades of broken politics. >> mr. obama's $787 billion stimulus plan must was designed his economic team said to keep
7:29 pm
unemployment below 8%. it is now 10%. 1.7 million americans who had jobs when mr. obama entered the oval office don't have them now. this might be why half of the country says the president's failed to meet their expectations after a year in office compared to just over a third who say he has. >> he cannot float an error. when there is a bad economy, when his policies are unpopular he moves down in the polls just as rapidly as people who held the presidency prior to him. >> democrats like bruise reed, a top domestic advisor to president clinton says it could be worse. >> the economy is better than that would have been. healthcare reform is going to be a massive achievement when it gets done in the next month or so. i think it has been a very good first year. >> especially when says his record is compared to clintons. >> i felt our first 100 days were the least successful since william henry harrison who died. >> speaking of dying, could
7:30 pm
that happen to healthcare reform? >> hard to say that he accomplished any of his major goals. healthcare remains a big if. >> the same could be said of the jobs initiative and regulations on the environment and banks. the white house says the president is not only patience but persistent and not surprisingly the white house expects the president to prevail. shep? >> shepard: major garrett live at the white house. thanks. i'm shepard smith and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. moments ago, the united states state department confirms at least 24 americans among the victims of the earthquake in haiti but tens of thousands were in haiti at the time and so many are still missing and unaccounted for. we are getting a better idea now of earthquake damage in haitian communities outside port-au-prince. this particular town lies about 20 miles west of the capital. early estimates there indicate up to 90% of the buildings were
7:31 pm
damaged or destroyed. nine out of ten we are told, no local government and no infrastructure of any kind remains. nothing. there and in so many other areas, people have been forced to live in tent cities if they have tents. in fact, the world food program reports so many have lost homes that it is planning to build one such camp for 100,000 people. basically a pop-up city with roughly the population of burbank, california. of course, all across the nation of haiti there is no shortage of need. and perhaps some of the greatest need exists among haiti's orphans. an estimated 50,000 children live in that country's orphanages and tonight we are getting word that some of those children will be allowed to come to the united states for care. that news broke just moments ago. many of these kids are too young to fend for themselves. in fact the majority of them are and too weak to last for very long without significant help. american families are right now in the process of adopting
7:32 pm
hundreds of those children but since the disaster, many families had to wonder what has become of their adoptive kids. whether they are getting any food, whether they are even okay. today, attempts to get answers to those questions for at least one couple after your chief correspondent jonathan hunt heard singing behind the wall and there found an orphanage that is home to more than 135 children. jonathan arranged for link with their adoptive parents in upstate new york. elizabeth and josh what davies say they spent nearly two years trying to bring those children to their home. this is a photo of the couple visiting with the kids in haiti but they have had no real contact with marie and johnny since the disaster. what you are about to watch is that couple seeing live images of their soon to be children for the first time since the quake hit. >> it is a really very
7:33 pm
emotional. oh. >> look at the camera. >> i just want to look at the kids. i just want to get them home before they get any more traumatized from all of the things this they have been going through this past week. i think the longer they stay there the harder it is going to be. look she is waving. the harder it will be for them to make the transition. >> have you been in contact with people who can help? so cute. >> yeah, we have been speaking with glory outreach as well as some of the other parents who are also adopting as well. >> shepard: tell us, i know you have met and know a lot about them and you have grown close to them the past 18 or so months. tell us about them. >> well, maria also seemed very withdrawn although the pictures that we have been getting looks like they are making her feel comfortable because i haven't
7:34 pm
seen her so animated before. and then johnny is just full of energy and. >> rambunctious. >> very, very funny and ready to take on the world. you can kind of tell from the video. >> shepard: i'm told jonathan can now hear you if you have a question or a message from them before we get away. have at it. i. >> i just want to say thank you so much for being there and just holding my kids and thank you so much for staying and making sure that they got some supplies. we are just so grateful for the attention that you have brought to our children. we were just so scared two days ago and i really -- i feel a lot better just seeing you there sitting with them. >> believe me, it is my, it is our honor to be here with such
7:35 pm
amazing kids. and johnny and mary franklin are just wonderful children as are all of the children here. and it has been an honor to be with them and we hope and pray that the state department does something and gets these kids to you and the other families in the united states who love them and want them and just want nothing more than to take care of them because clearly they deserve all the love in the world. and we are glad you are there, too. and johnny and mar franklin hey hi. >> shepard: and the state department responded and quickly. so much credit to the orphanage staff. a dozen workers who could have abandoned the facility and could have left to tend to their own problems and tend to their own families. instead they stayed with those kids. just in i mean during the last commercial break. brand new information on the development i mentioned a moment ago. the department of homeland security has just sent out an urgent now announcing there is a brand new policy that will
7:36 pm
now allow haitian orphans to enter the united states at least temporarily on a case-by-case basis. they need aid. in some cases they need medicine. they certainly need food, water and love. we are still waiting for all the details on this but this could potentially mean a lot to all of those children who are ready to go home to american families. we have team fox coverage. jonathan hunt live in port-au-prince, haiti and laura ingle live with more on the davie family in upstate new york. let's get to jonathan first. jonathan, good evening. >> good evening, shep. it was a heart breaking scene today at that orphanage. 135 children in all still in desperate circumstances. things have improved slightly, aid has trickled in but it has been nothing more than a trickle and the urgent need is to get those children, these babies some as young as she days old -- as young as three
7:37 pm
days old, out of haiti. there are 26 babies in the back of this truck. their only home, their own shelter. the orphanage workers have no baby formula to give them, just regular milk. many of them have diarrhea result. they become more dehydrated by the minute. they wait for help but little comes. five bottles of pedialyte from the salvation army. a salvation army doctor and nurse but still no formula and no sign of any coordinated attempt to help these helpless victims. the older children keep their spirits up with prayer and song. they, too, need food and water. but perhaps above all they need love. that love is waiting for them in the united states. 120 out of 135 of these babies and children have already been legally adopted by american
7:38 pm
families. >> she is crying right now, she just wants to get to the yamaguchi family who adopted here. and this is vanessa, she has not yet been adopted. she needs to be. she needs to be got out of here and got to the united states. smilesldren with their miles and dignity. their desire just to hold and be held represents the best of haiti. the families in the u.s. waiting for them represent the best of america. but the best of both countries is being kept apart by the worst. bureaucratic red tape. despite pleas from the texas based for his glory outreach organization that runs the orphanage, the state department has not yet given permission for these children to fly into the united states and while the
7:39 pm
state department dithers, the children suffer. >> that is not to impugn the fine work being done by many individuals at the state department, shep, helping as many people as they can including these children right across haiti and across port-au-prince and we should also point out what you were mentioning the breaking news, the department of homeland security in conjunction with the state department has just 15 minutes ago announced this humanitarian parole policy but read the small print. it still says on a case-by-case basis meaning it will take time. the dutch government flew a plane in here today, just telling the pilots to bring back 100 orphans. they will sort out the legal issues where they live once they get back to holland. still appears despite the late announcement from the department of homeland security that the u.s. administration is not prepared to make that kind of grand humanitarian gesture and that, frankly, is what is needed here. >> shepard: jonathan hunt on
7:40 pm
the impossible conditions inside haiti tonight. thank you to you and your team. the assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley called in on studio b and said his department has people on the ground in haiti right now and they are working hard on all of the pending adoption cases trying to get the kids in safe places with families who will love them and for those families it cannot happen quickly enough. laura ingle spent the day with elizabeth and joshua divie who we saw reuniting across the miles with their children in haiti. laura, how encouraged were they by what was said and what they saw? >> what an amazing moment. they certainly had with you on studio b earlier today, shep and i can tell you that they were extremely encouraged but not only seeing the still images we were first able to bring them this morning from the ground from our fox news teams in haiti but of the live stream that we were able to
7:41 pm
bring them as well. the davies knew that their two children were alive and well after the quake. as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. one of the most striking things to the davies, shep is that their children seemed happy. they were waving and goofing around with our jonathan hunt and what was most important to them is that they did not seem shell shocked and withdrawn. they were acting like normal kids and that was an extremely important moment to them today and one that has given them a lot of hope. >> great to hear. what are they being told about how their children might get from the orphanages to that airport? we are told earlier there is a jet on standby from the agency which runs that adoption agency across the border over there in the dominican republic but the problem is getting them there. >> right. it has been a huge mess and the roads as we know are all torn up and the davies were told just about an hour ago that they will need a military escort for the children or a
7:42 pm
helicopter to get them out. that has not been confirmed by anybody that we can get ahold of tonight. i just spoke with the u.s. state department who tells us that there are at least 100 children who have been evacuated. that is almost 100 children as of tonight that are being cleared. they are treating this as a triage situation and children with the most important needs will be taken out first. those that the paper work can be double checked. the state department wants us to put out this e-mail tonight. they want to hear from adoptive families in the united states who have not contacted them yet who o want to know what to do next. here it is. haitian adoptions at the davies are standing by. they have been on a rollercoaster ride as we know and continue to get calls and who knows, they could possibly get their children hopefully by the end of the week. >> shepard: we hope for help for all of those kids obviously. thanks laura ingle, live upstate new york.
7:43 pm
learn about all the rescue efforts in haiti and how to help. go to fox haiti. you can see a list of reputable chair. several powerful storm systems stretching across the united states. rain and snow from california to connecticut. one of those storms already wreaking havoc. what you need to know ahead in "the fox report."
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>> shepard: just when you thought couldn't get any whackier at nbc or, conan o'brien reportedly close to a settlement with nbc after they decided to give him the heave ho and bring in jay leno. this provided plenty of material for late night talk show hosts and other networks. it would get o'brien back on television as early as november
7:47 pm
or sometime earlier. it totals about $40 million in payoff. some would go to conan's staff. they relocated from new york to los angeles when they started the show 7 months guy. deal or no deal, the comic pulled no punches friday night. check it. >> all of a sudden all the stuff was just lying around the office skyrocketed in value overnight. that's right. only eight of these bags were ever made. >> it is is bag that says i like convenient travel accessories and defunct tv shows. >> and with his proprietary ballistic nylon bag this is as impenetratable as an nbcing ecktive's skull. >> the ratings for that show 50% higher than the season average. meantime, leno staffers defending their boss saying he isn't responsible for the time slot change or the chaos, nbc is. >> shepard: weather alert is now.
7:48 pm
a big storm working its way across the west coast tonight. dominica davis in the extreme weather center. how is it looking? >> the first of four storms that will rock the area between now and saturday. namely it will affect, california, nevada and arizona. with the storms what we will be looking at is a southerly track that is going to have major storm impacts the next several days. talking about major flooding, mud slides possibly, damaging winds with periods of wind gusts between 40 miles per hour plus. now, this is just a 48 hour outlook of precip and snow accumulation. but by the end of this week, what we will be looking at is 5 to 10 inches of rain along the coast and 5 to 10 inches of snow in the interior sections. so major storms this week to the west. >> shepard: a lot of rain for southern, california. domenica, thank you. prolife groups call it an abortion supercenter. they are protesting outside the building but planned parenthood calls the group's claims onr ah
7:49 pm
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>> shepard: prolife groups are willsting what they claim be the biggest abortion clinic america, planned parent location in houston. chris gutierrez is in houston tonight. chris. in. >> an estimated 10,000 people came for the protest for a prayer rally and a march. prolife advocates say planned parenthood chose to built the facility in southeast houston because the community is predominantly african american and hispanic and nearby neighborhoods say they don't want what they call an abortion supercenter in their backyard.
7:53 pm
>> we are seeking to subpoena the conscious of america. there is a better way to do it. let's love and show mercy and help women in crisis situations but let's not go killing babies. let's stop. >> planned parenthood has confirmed the new facility will be the organization's largest building. it is six stories tall. most of the 78,000 feet will be used for administrative offices and classrooms. planned parenthood says it chose this location because there is a need, adding more than 1 million residents in the county lack health insurance. they claim clients come from all over harris county and not just the area in the neighborhood. >> by air and by sea the united states is pouring resources into haiti to help deal with the crisis. the marine corps arriving in larger numbers today on ships
7:54 pm
loaded with shoppers, trucks, generators and amphibiousght w. vehicles. fox news live aboard one of those ships and a live report from the coast of haiti, comint up. to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters.
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>> shepard: just breaking now on fox news channelle. the governor of the state of new jersey sign inside law a bill that legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes. governor jon corzine approved the measure on his final day in office in that state. only patients with certain illnesses will be allowed to get marijuana and they have to do so through licensed distribution center. the law expected to take effect in half a year. new jersey now the 14th state to allow marijuana for medical purposes. more u.s. military personnel and relief supplies reaching haiti tonight. the uss baton just arriving off the coast. it happened just a short time ago. the ship carrying more than 2,000 u.s. marines, a large amount we are told of supplies including water purification systems and heavy equipment to
7:58 pm
move rubble and debris to clear streets to get needed relief supplies through. it also features one of the navy's most advance the ship board hospitals and a flight deck to launch survey and rescue mixes. john on this serrie traveling with crew. >> taking off from the uss baton, a marine assessment team flies over haiti to survey the damage and potential landing sites. more than 1,000 marines are prepared to land on the eye, helping with relief efforts. marines and sailors are preparing for a variety of functions including medical support. this mas mass casualty drill io test the preparedness. it is one of the navy's most extensive shipboard hospitals. the usnt bighorn pulls alongside the baton to deliver fuel and other supplies. the sailors and marines onboard are prepared to stay near haiti
7:59 pm
for a month or longer to help the people of this battered island nation. and we are now live just off the flight deck of the uss baton. throughout the mixes the ship is actually going to stay out to sea just off the coast of haiti and landings made either by helicopter or potentially small amphibious vessels depending on the specifics of the mission. back to you. >> shepard: jonathan, thank you. and now you know the news for this monday, january 18th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. dark thanks for having usng us into your homes tonight. they still need so much help. to provide some, go to fox haiti. all the information you need is there. again, thank you. from the journalists of fox news.


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